As we all now black Friday and cyber Monday is one of the best times of the year to save ton of money. With this holiday season rapidly proceeding, small and medium sized businesses need a strong digital marketing plan to keep pace with this world. Try to realize the flow of holiday marketing where things are too huge and so quick that if you don’t make a plan then you will end up compromising your business. If your last event was bad where your website was down, failed to provide coverage, sold out inventory, no back-up plan, everything was falling apart then identify your mistakes and improve the future upcoming mega shopping event.

Make your brand online. To ensure strong comeback to your holiday deals and sales, it’s going to come digitally because people of today’s era live and breathe online. The biggest success lies in making connection with folks. Retailers need to meet the expectations that consumer or client have; like easy and hassle-free shopping and to shop the way they want to. According to IBM, over half of the thanksgiving traffic was coming from mobile devices. Black Friday was always meant in-store event but now trend of consumer behavior is changing.

Below are the 6 email marketing tips to make most of the holiday season:

  1. Make a list

For revenue, to engage audience through email is the most effective way. Take a start with email listing. Most of the list contains the past customers; many are going to be the repeat customers so naturally you are having audience.

  1. As Soon As Possible

Even before the November gets start, people have already indulged into their shopping research or purchases. Get your foot in the door and refresh your clients to drop by your website and make a purchase. Email marketing works very well as you have to act on it. People look advertisements everywhere but they scroll past it. This is totally opposite the case in emails. Send out newsletters to email lists.

  1. Personalized Mails

You don’t have to put that much effort as shoppers have already made up their minds near holidays to buy gifts for family, they are waiting for an excuse to spend their money on it basically so just showing up through emails would be enough to catch audience attention. Get in touch with last year’s clients through personalized email content and products show them their last time purchase and remind them to revisit with the outlook of new inventory and interesting stuff.

  1. Reward with rewards

Go concise and clear with the subject lines. Popularize your best shipping offers, gift coupons and promotional sales offer relevantly to consumers.

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