Since the holiday shopping season is coming up it is best that all online stores start preparing. You will need to do some research, create campaigns and generate buzz in order to compete with all the other stores. Listed below is some valuable insight that will keep you on your toes and let you know what to expect from the Black Friday shopping festival. The information and trends have been compiled using data from the previous years.

The Amount of Money Being Spent on Black Friday Deals Will Grow

Compared to previous years, more shoppers will be spending money during this Black Friday sales weekend. This is because the shopper’s demographic is now much wider and larger than ever before.

More Shopping Will be Done Online

Shopping is now being conducted online thanks to the advanced smart phone technology. The smart phone applications and compatibility of most website on mobile phone browsers have enabled shoppers to shop from anywhere at any time. Even for Black Friday sales, people will be using their phones to make purchases so they do not have to miss work or school.

Increase in Mobile Targeted Marketing

It has been reported that the change in consumer behavior and shopping habits has led to a switch in marketing tactics. Digital and social media marketing is now the norm since these advertisements and promotions can be directly linked to the website and product listing. The marketers know that they will be receiving the most significant response on Black Friday deals from the marketers which is why they are spending their time and effort on reaching out to them.

Smaller Retailers Will Also Rise

During the Black Friday shopping festival even the smaller and lesser known brands stand at a chance to make huge profits. They can target customers interested in their products by sending Black Friday coupon emails and sponsored social media posts. Every brand, no matter the size can capitalize from the Black Friday weekend. Studies show that shoppers now prefer smaller businesses for the personal and customized products they sell.

Influencers Bring Higher Conversion Rates

Shoppers do not trust anything the brand says and often turn a blind eye to their sponsored posts. They get all their information and reviews from social media which is why it pays to have certain social media influencers talk about your Black Friday deals.

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